Reishi Extract Powder 100g


Step into age-old health secrets 🍄 with our Reishi 10:1 Extract. Boost your defenses, ease stress, and welcome peaceful nights 🌙. Our pure, ethically-gathered Reishi is your key to a more harmonious lifestyle.

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Unveiling Dreamer Shrooms’ Premium Reishi Extract – The Timeless Mushroom of Wellness and Calm

Step into a world where ancient traditions meet today’s well-being with our Reishi Mushroom 10:1 Extract Powder. For centuries, this “Mushroom of Immortality” has been a beacon of health and spiritual connection in the East.

Power in Every Spoon: We’ve made sure that our 10:1 ratio delivers. By condensing 10 parts of raw Reishi into a singular powerful part, you’re getting the essence of the mushroom in its most potent form.

A Body’s Best Friend: Known as adaptogens, Reishi mushrooms are all about balance. They’re champions at supporting immunity, calming stress, aiding restful sleep, and nurturing a peaceful mindset.

Only the Best, Nothing Less: At Dreamer Shrooms, shortcuts aren’t our style. Our Reishi Extract comes clean – free from artificial stuff, and chock-full of organic, ethically-gathered goodness.

Mix, Match and Enjoy: Our extract’s fine texture means it fits right into your routine. Be it teas, shakes, or your favorite dish, adding a Reishi touch is easy and hassle-free.

More Than Just a Mushroom: Beyond the body, Reishi has a special place in spiritual practices. It’s a symbol of inner harmony, tying the threads of mind, body, and soul together.

Our Promise of Quality: Every product we introduce, including this Reishi Extract, stands testament to Dreamer Shrooms’ commitment to top-notch botanicals. Building on our expertise with unique plants like Amanita Muscaria, this extract is another feather in our cap.

Join us in re-discovering a tradition that’s been trusted for ages. With Dreamer Shrooms’ Reishi Mushroom Extract, journey into a wholesome life just got more exciting.


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Reishi Extract Powder 100g
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