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Sure, you’ll find prices for a range of quantities right here on our website. But guess what? Dreamer Shrooms loves a challenge! 

Got a large order? Thinking about placing recurring orders? We’ll be delighted to offer you our most competitive pricing. Just fill out this form or give us a ring and ask for Jimmy – our resident mushroom maestro. He’ll guide you through our special pricing and make sure you’re set up for success. We can’t wait to start this fun(gi)-filled journey with you!

Bulk Request Form

Bulk Request Form

Dreamer Shrooms Bulk Amanita Muscaria Products

We’re delighted to have you explore our carefully curated selection of top-quality Amanita Muscaria offerings, featuring Bulk Amanita Capsules, Amanita Powder, and Muscimol Isolate. Each of our products has been meticulously crafted to deliver a potent, safe, and consistent experience that you can trust and enjoy.

At Dreamer Shrooms, we take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our Bulk Amanita Capsules, Amanita Powder, and Muscimol Isolate provide a versatile and cost-effective range of options, tailored to suit the diverse needs and preferences of all amanita customers. Whether you’re seeking the convenience of capsules, the flexibility of powder, or the purity of muscimol isolate, our collection has got you covered.

We cordially invite you to browse our exceptional product line and discover the unique benefits of Amanita Muscaria for yourself. Experience the Dreamer Shrooms difference and enjoy unparalleled quality, consistency, and value with our premium Amanita offerings!

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