Amanita Muscaria Extract Full Decarb


Introducing our Amanita Muscaria Extract Full Decarb Powder, a fully decarboxylated formula that optimizes the potency of muscimol while retaining the full spectrum of beneficial compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, and beta glucans. This powder is designed for precise, high-impact use in research and educational settings, ensuring a highly bioavailable and potent product.

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Our Amanita Muscaria Extract Full Decarb Powder represents the pinnacle of extraction science, offering a fully decarboxylated product that maximizes the muscimol content by converting all ibotenic acid. This process not only enhances the potency but also maintains the mushroom’s broad spectrum of natural compounds, including terpenes, flavonoids, and beta glucans, which contribute to its comprehensive profile.

Enhanced Potency and Purity: The full decarboxylation ensures that our extract provides a consistently strong effect, approximately five times more potent than traditional Amanita Muscaria caps, yet it contains no ibotenic acid. This makes our powder exceptionally potent and provides a cleaner experience compared to traditional mushroom forms.

Comprehensive Compound Retention: By preserving a broad spectrum of Amanita’s natural compounds, our extract maintains the holistic properties of the mushroom. This method enhances the overall quality and effectiveness of the extract, making it an ideal resource for advanced research and educational endeavors.

Quality and Sustainability Commitment: We are committed to sustainable practices, sourcing our mushrooms from environments that ensure optimal growth conditions. Each batch of our extract undergoes rigorous testing, with lab analyses available to verify its strength and quality. This transparency and dedication to quality assurance are core to our mission.

Safety and Usage Guidelines: As a potent extract, this powder should be handled with care. It is intended for use in controlled research and educational settings, and we provide clear guidelines to ensure safe handling and application.

Our Amanita Muscaria Extract Full Decarb Powder is a sophisticated tool for researchers and educators seeking a reliable and potent source of Amanita Muscaria for detailed study and application. This product stands out in the market for its strength and quality, providing an invaluable resource for in-depth exploration of natural extracts.


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